CMS Integration

Creating a new website can be a labour intensive activity, causing the rest of your business to suffer as the new web project consumes valuable time, resources and creates uncertainty that the new system will work in harmony with existing software. ASDTec provides customers and partners with complete flexibility in managing your new web project whether single site, portal or intranet.

ASDTec CMS has a range of dedicated tools to ensure the migration and integration phase of your project is completed without drama. ASDTec gives you the freedom to choose from using your own in-house software team (trained and supported by ASDTec), ASDTec own dedicated CMS integrators (with dedicated account management) or working closely with one of our world wide integration Partners. No matter your integration choice you can rest assured that ASDTec CMS will protect your legacy IT investment.

No matter whether the site is static/database driven we can Integrate our CMS to your website and enable you to manage the site without any technical knowledge.

Our ready to use CMS has the following functionalities