Brochure Website

In today's electronic world, people anticipate every genuine business to have a website. When your business establishes a professional online presence, it will add a tremendous amount of credibility to the company's image.

If this is your company's focus right now, our brochure website design package may be the perfect solution for your business! This style of website generally contains the same type of information that you might find in a company brochure

Basic Website Pages
Screen Length Scrolls

Individual page length should not exceed three page scrolls. All text content is to be supplied by the client, either on a CD, via postal mail, or by email.

Basic Image Optimization

We provide professional digital enhancement of the images you provide, maximizing the visual appeal of your website. Every image is also carefully optimized for web use, to help insure that your site downloads rapidly. All images for the brochure website are to be provided by the client, either on a CD, via postal mail, or by email.

Basic Search Engine Submission and Optimization

We also include basic search engine optimization of your website. The titles of your pages will be carefully selected, along with proper usage of meta and description tags, to assist in your site being easily found in the search engines.