J2EE Development

The design determines the overall architecture of the system and the philosophy on which the development will be based. ASDTec therefore regards design as the crucial phase in any development. During the design phase ASDTec ensures that a J2EE solution will offer optimal support for business functions but be simple to use. Equally important to the design, ASDTec considers performance, scalability, robustness, and ongoing system management requirements.

During a design engagement ASDTec consultants review your business requirements, identify the technical issues and create a functional specification that translates business requirements into the technical requirements of a J2EE web solution. Based on the functional specification, ASDTec consultant will prepare a design specification that defines a coherent architecture for the system to ensure that it will provide the performance, scalability, manageability and security required to support the business in the long term. This set of system standards is the foundation upon which the detailed functionality of the application is constructed. ASDtec is well versed in combining its knowledge of business requirements with the full range of technological possibilities provided by the J2EE platform to produce a sound architecture and a detailed design. The ASDTec development service is built on a foundation of expert staff, a rich and broad skill set, sound methodologies and fluency in a range of technologies.

ASDTec extensive skills in J2EE programming and integration with database engines such as SQL, Oracle, and DB2 Server enable the company to deliver robust and sophisticated applications. ASDTec makes use of the rapid application development (RAD) approach to building systems. This gives you plenty of opportunity for assessment and feedback, ensuring that business needs are being met while the application is refined. And ASDTec makes every effort to transfer skills to you during the development process. For every development project undertaken ASDTec picks a crossfunctional team containing people with the depth and breadth of experience required to deliver a solution that meets your expectations. With an experienced staff of project managers, business analysts, application architects, application developers, Internet specialists, graphic designers and infrastructure engineers, ASDTec has received many accolades from its clients.