Proof-reading/ editing of dissertation /thesis /book

Medical proofreading, whether for professional or general audiences, requires special knowledge and skills to produce well-structured documents that present information clearly and concisely. We offer medical proofreading services for individual medical practitioners, students, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, Contract Research Organisations (CROs), and communications agencies. Our medical proofreaders have expertise and experience in writing and preparing a range of documents for:

Our professional team have long-term experience in writing medical research papers and related topics in medical research. They have the capacity to understand your research goals and ensure that your results are conveyed accurately.

The proofreading service at ASDTec involves:

Such errors can be difficult to spot in your own manuscript because you may read what you intended to write, not what is actually on the page. The editors and proofreaders at can easily pick up those errors in your manuscript and make necessary corrections. We can guarantee error-free proofreading of highest standard because our proofreaders:

Type-setting of dissertation/thesis/book

Typesetting and Indexing

Typesetting is an important part of preparing a manuscript for the market. Our professional typesetting service involves enhancing the quality and value of our clients' manuscripts by:

Indexing is generally designed to help readers find their way around a document quickly and easily. This is made by preparing a route map for a document. The indexing service at ASDTec covers manuscripts such research papers, books, website, or database. Our indexers will make a systematic list of all the entities for an easy navigation within the manuscript