How quickly can our site be developed?

This is largely dependant on how quickly we can get all the content and relevant materials from you. Normally, a project depending on the size can take from 3 to 6 weeks. There is, however, a VIP service where we assign an enthusiastic designer and developer to complete your site within a week guaranteed.

Will our design work be original?

YES, ASDTec operate an ethical design and development policy. This means all design work including the layout of your site will be designed from graze and not copied in from templates. Also, all images will be sourced with the rights of use and not simply copied illegally.

How are our payments taken?

In the beginning, we will require a 50% deposit. The final 50% is paid when we have completed the site and you have signed off.

Do you have a Maintenance agreement?

Our maintenance agreement is like a small insurance payment on your site. For a small payment every month you can request up to 10 hours of changes for that month.

What about Hosting?

With all packages, you are given a full year's free hosting on our servers. After this period, you can move your site to a new hosting company or continue with ourselves for a small monthly fee.

What happens after we order a Package?

Once we receive your signed agreement, we will send your Scope of Work. This is a complete list of work that will be carried out by us. At each milestone, you will be sent the progress via email for approval.

Will we have full rights over our site?

Yes! The website including all content and images will belong to yourselves. Once we have signed off you are free to take the designs to any other web design company for revisions. However we do hope you will stay with ourselves.

Also, for a small fee, we can supply the full site on a CD-ROM complete with a presentation CD Cover with your site's image on the front.

Will I get to Number 1?

Eventually you will - however we concentrate on getting you results fast and that means in the Top 10-20 listings. Once you are listed there, it’s only a matter of time before your site migrates to number 1.

How long will this take?

The initial research will depend on how fast information we request from yourself is delivered. From that point, our coding and developing will take 7-10 days.
However that doesn't mean you will see the results straight away. You then have to wait - this can take up to 2-3 months while the search engine indexes and prioritizes your site amongst millions of others.

How will I know it has worked?

When your site is finally listed you will see a huge rush in hits to your site. Go onto all the major search engines and type in your keywords - you will see your site featured on the main sites.

What can we do in the meantime?

While you wait for the search engine's to index your site you can start a Google Adwords campaign. This will enaure you gain a healthy number of enquiries to your site.

Doesn't that mean a lot of money?

Not necessarily. We can help run this for you. It works on the basis that you tell it how much you would like to spend a day on clicks and how much each click is worth. So every time someone clicks your site it gets added to the daily amount. When that amount equals your total your site doesnt feature any more for that day.