Corporate Identity Development

A company's corporate identity is one of its most valuable assets and typically is the foundation for all of a company's branding efforts. Contrary to a common misunderstanding, a corporate identity encompasses much more than just a company's name or logo to include its positioning, image, personality and all of the things - both tangible and intangible - that make up a brand. It is often the corporate identity that differentiates a company from the other.  A well thought out identity works out to be an asset for a company in the long run. Other than just the emblem, the typography, the colour scheme and the layout determines the identity of a company. A consistency achieved in this across media makes sure that the company is easily identifiable, even in the visual clutter that surrounds you.

ASDTec works with companies in a number of ways to help them to fully realize the value of their corporate identities. ASDTec can provides consultancy in designing a new identity for a company or in redesigning the existing identity in tune with the times—right from designing the logo, stationery and providing the style manual to printing them to ensure quality. We examine tangible aspects such as the company name, brand names, taglines, logos, symbols, graphic elements and marketing communications. We assess the competitive positioning, the key attributes and primary benefits that are offered by evaluating the company both internally and externally. We then work with each client to develop a distinctive and compelling corporate personality that is clear and consistent, is broad enough to encompass future corporate directions, provides an aspirational element and communicates both functional and emotional benefits to the target audiences.

We provide the following corporate identity solutions:-

A well designed, strategically implemented and fully supported corporate identity programme fulfils three primary aims:

1. It enables an organization to present itself and its objectives clearly and intelligibly.

2. It embodies the organization’s character, ethos and attitudes. This encourages staff to act as a team, to share the same spirit, and to communicate that spirit to the outside world.

3. It is a means of ensuring that the organization can be differentiated from others operating within the same field or market place. Emphasis can be put on any unique properties of the organization and its positioning can be precisely controlled.